The After Party

Life after modeling.

After the party is the after party

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It’s been a fun last few years. Modeling is a whole different universe, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time in it. But when the party ends, what happens next?

After years of working in the industry, i recently decided to get out.  some of you may remember me from Model Behavior ( where I chronicled the nutritional/fitness regiments of a working model. Well that ship has sailed, times have changed, and therefore, so has the blog. Although my passion for modeling has wained, my affinity for fashion has not.

So from here on out I guess my life will be a little less of this

Angelino magazine

 And a little more of this

Ok this might not be so bad.

I live here

Not in this exact building mind you, but in the insanity that is NYC. I moved here for career purposes but adore the city and have no plans to leave. I’m not 100% sure what my next move is, modeling was my dream for years and now I need a new direction. Hopefully I can find some inspiration soon.

Necklace and beanie Forever 21, shirtdress H&M

Or maybe I’ll die of boredom first. Life on thsi side of coin can be a bit…dull.


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September 21, 2010 at 5:03 am

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